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Lair of the Leviathan: Cursed! (Arranged Music Album)

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Phew, here is the next album. Lair of the Leviathan. Black Bat made another perfect album cover. She is amazing. This one took a lot more work. I'm going to take a break. Hope you all like it! EDIT: Thanks goes to Trenchfoot and Laserschwert as well.


Here is the Youtube Playlist.

Here is the album .rar file if you'd like to download it.

Tracks include:

1. The Mouth
2. Manitee Belly
3. Chased
4. The Narwhal Resurfaces
5. Mutineers
6. On Deck
7. Ocean Floor
8. In Cages
9. De Cava's Attack
10. Closing Scene
11. Murray

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