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NO TellTale Game will run under Windows 8 using a xbox controller

posted by SebaGer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Hey guys,
you are running into truble with the coming release of Windows 8 in October. It seems to me that your Engine has a Problem checking the Input devices at the start of the engine. This means that ALL TELLTALE GAMES won't run under Windows 8 (checked back to the future, the Walking dead...). If there is any USB Inputdevice connected to the pc(like a 3d Mouse or the 360 Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse will work) your engine won't initialize and crash without a notification.
You really have to fix this fast. If you have no access to the final release of Windows 8 you can also verify it with the release canidate.
Best regards from Germany,

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