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New version is available!

posted by Heatherlee Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users

Hello all again!

There should be a new version of everything coming down the pipe in just a few hours which will hopefully solve many of the problems/confusions people are currently experiencing.

Thank you all for your patience while we get our feet wet with our new digital distribution system.


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  • I thought the working title "The Great Vegeatable Plot" was better :)

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    Hi Teapot, I got the game working - was wonderful!!

    Also Wallace & Gromit was the best yet...longer too!!!

    Now I'm just waiting a couple of months for the Australian release of Corpse Bride...!

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    Hi, I tried to download the game, and the link just seems to do nothing. Pretty weird and I have no idea why, so I had a friend download it and send to me. I played the incredibly short demo, but it had issues with multiple lines of dialog being spoken/displayed at once. I want to get this new version, so hopefully the dialog will work correctly and I can justify paying for the full version, but this link isn't working for me either

    When I click on it, it just opens a blank window with that url in the location bar, not loading or anything. What should I do?

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    got a friend to send me that one too, it's just the digitalriver crap that doesn't work for me, because that file downloads the game just fine. Once it's all here, I'll see if the dialog is fixed.

    Edit: I played the new version of the demo, and this time didn't turn on "laptop mode" (despite the fact that this is a laptop...) and didn't have the dialog issues, so I've ordered up the full game.

    Not so much because the demo was any good (I thought it sucked), but because I want to support the adventure game community. Hope the rest of the game is better than the demo, and hope that telltale keeps working on more adventure titles.

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    [quote] but because I want to support the adventure game community.[/quote]

    Now that's the spirit! Although I liked the demo (can't play the full game until there's an option of paying via direct debit) - especially the 3-person dialogue.

    [quote]Now I'm just waiting a couple of months for the Australian release of Corpse Bride...![/quote]

    I dunno, the majority opinion seems to be that the visuals rocked, but the plot fell short of expectations. I'll wait for the DVD release, maybe.

    All the best,


  • corpse bride was a fun movie.
    I think with a film like that you arn't looking for a really deep plot. Lots of songs and jokes to go around. Nightmare is still better. If your looking for the best animated film of the year look to the wallace and gromit movie.

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    I received email notification that there is another new version (including the option to skip mini-games etc), but the DigitalRiver download system still doesn't work for me. Can someone provide me a direct link to the new version? Thanks.

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    Still waiting for a reply! Do you guys want to get paid or not?!

  • Hi Ira.

    Did a quick search, and it seems like gamespot has the newest version for download. Looks from the filesize to be the full file, not the digital river installer aswell. Looks like you'll have to register for free at their site, to be able to download it, but atleast you'll get it!

    Hope that helps.


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    Thanks for your help apignarb, but shouldn't TellTale be providing help? Kinda reduces my faith in them...

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