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I want to buy this game, but...

posted by AngelRuse on - last edited - Viewed by 474 users

I'm concerned about all the crap I'm hearing about bugs. I'm making this thread as an added comment to TellTale games, asking them to please fix this game. I won't spend money if the game doesn't work properly. I don't want random choices, I want my own to continue on. Otherwise there's no point in making choices at all. And disappearing saves? Come on.

Assuming I did want to waste my money I wouldn't even know which platform is the safest bet, they all seem to have critical issues. Please for the love of god fix this game so I can buy it.

To the users: How prevalent are these issues? Every single player? Only a few? Any specific triggers? I've been watching a let's play on it (shout to Pewdie!) and really like the story driven gameplay. But the things I'm hearing aren't very hopeful.:(

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