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I think playing the blame game is silly...

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People keep blaming Ben for what happened at the motel, others blame Lilly or Kenny. When it comes down to it people just want someone to pin it on and thats natural. But really, no one is to blame. Ben, sure he did a stupid stupid thing, but he only did it to PROTECT all of you and yeah he didn't tell anyone but that was probably because of the reaction (I've seen a lot of people on here talk about how they are going to kill him...) He didn't want to get everyone mad, especially as he's only known them for a week now.

Really there is only one person you can blame, even then people will say its not his fault because he didn't know or it wasn't his fault because he didn't directly do these things but...Really, if you had to blame someone. Blame Lee. Think about it, Doug (I saved Carley) died because Lee sent him to save the window. Larry died because Lee didn't want to leave when they should've despite Lilly's suggestions (Or because you put a salt lick on his face) The bandits then decided to go after them because Lee and gang killed the St. Johns. Which then led to them cornering Ben (One guy who is pretty defenceless) Really you can blame him and call him a coward all you want, but when it comes down to it there is no one you can blame. Everyone is stupid and cowardly, thats how fear works. I'm not saying to be 100% forgiving of his stupid actions, but don't despise him for it, after all players love Carley, and she doesn't even understand frigging batteries! ;)

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