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Game Starting Issues

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Howdy Ya'll

I share this game with my sister. Since we share an xbox 360. We both have our own files. I'm game 1, and she's game 2. I'm done with episode 4, and she's on episode 3. So obviously, when your done with an episode, when you access it, it asks if you want to continue to the next one. So when she access her file it asks if she wants to continue to episode 5. We checked episode 4 and when we went to press rewind, it assumed she beat episode 4. We checked again and it seemed the game was accessing my file.

So I deleted my file in hopes it would recognize her file, so when she accessed her file and selected episode 4, it asked if it wanted to create a random story for episode 4. Suggesting that she didnt play the previous levels.

I noticed when i press the back button, the game highlights the top file. So I decided to duplicate her file to the top, but it still asks.

What's wrong? Why wont the game access her saved file?

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