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Help, I'm going crazy here :/

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Last time I buy a TellTale game, really.
As many of you, I had problems downloading episode 4 of The Walking Dead game. I tried for two days after release to download it, but it was always "coming soon". Finally, when the "get" button appeared, it "lost connection" (yeah, because I'm not using a connection now to post... bah) as soon as it started downloading. Then, I tried to open the game disabling my wi-fi connection (I play the game on a notebook) and re-activated it before pressing the "get" button. "At last it works", I thought. I was wrong: it still "lost connection" at about 40%. Over and over again. So, in a last desperate attempt, I uninstalled the game, deleted the installer and re-downloaded it from my personal games page. Now, I can't download A SINGLE episode. I can't download episode 2, I can't download episode 3 and can't download episode 4. It always "loses connection" even before starting download. I'm furious. If you have a way to fix this, then it's ok. If you don't, then I just made a huge mistake buying from you, and I won't give you a single penny ever again. I've just had enough. Three days waiting for the damn episode, and my sister (who lives UNDER MY SAME ROOF, and uses THE SAME CONNECTION I use) downloaded and finished it.

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