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top 3 jump scares

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What are your top 3 moments that made you jump or flinch?
mine are....

3. Walker that wasnt in the shed just 5 minutes ago. For some reason i thought he was that shadowy figure from earlier *cough* molly ( i think)

2.Lee getting bit. I almost wanted to put this as my number 1. I checked the garbage before the walky talky so i wouldnt advance through the story yet and then crunch! WHAT THE FUCK! DIE MOTHER FU***R lol.

1. Animal crackers zombie! Ok so the first time i play i didnt even see this guy. Then the second time i noticed the other door on the train and after i walked through it i couldnt jump out of my little swivel chair fast enough. Maybe it doesnt belong on the list, but the 3rd time i played i walked around the train (knowing the zombie was gonna still try to jump at me) and i still jumped!

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