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Lag and glitches with disc version?

posted by llDurbinll on - last edited - Viewed by 282 users

I just started playing this game and got the disc version but I've been experiencing alot of lag and slow loading times in the game and now I'm glitched on episode 2 during the hostage situation towards the end of the episode where that lady is holding someone hostage. I take a few steps forward and she says stop or I'll shoot. So I stop and she shoots me. I went back to the dashboard and started the game again and this time I got the prompt to talk to her. But when you have to walk forward again she says to stop and when I stopped she killed me and now it won't work at all.

There isn't an option to install the game to the HDD for some reason, I think this would solve the lag and issues. I'm playing on the xbox 360 btw.

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