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If/when Season 4 is made, what ending do you think'll be canon?

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With two endings to season three, how do you think Telltale will release Season 4?

By the way, I'm PSYCHED for season four. I'm not exactly sure how popular/successful Sam and Max is as a series, but I, after playin S3E5, knew that a fourth season is inevitable. Man, that episode TRULY felt like it would go on forever before abruptly ending (lol). Season Four... It IS being made right now. I can feel it.

Personally, I'll believe that they should show a slightly fused ending -- one that's a compromise between adventuring and crimefighting. Since adventuring (season two/three) seems to have given cooler storylines then crimefighting (season 1), I picked adventuring.

Anyway... What type of continuity do you think will be used in Season 4?

Or maybe it will show the adventures of the alternate past Sam and Max in Season 4?!

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