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Is the Downloadable version of the walking dead less glitched than the disk version?

posted by marioluigi344 BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 413 users

I bought the walking dead for xbox after watching pewdiepie and cry play it. I don't have steam since it doesn't work on my computer so i bought the disk version. This piece of shit game is freezing up constantly, the EB GAMES we bought it at wont gimme back my money and they wont replace it because they Sold out.

I know that they'res an xbox live version i can buy with microsoft points, so is that version less glitchy or should i just buy it on pc or something?

I hope telltale games gets sued for releasing an unplayable glitching mess, then not addressing the complaints. This is the worst fucking costumer service I've:m ever seen.

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