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[Spoilers] Zombie Kenny in Season 2?

posted by Desmodus87 on - last edited - Viewed by 844 users

Sorry if this has been addressed, but I haven't seen it so far, so I thought I'd chance it.
I believe regardless of how Kenny dies, we aren't given the chance to shoot him. Could our new group (or old group, depending on how TTG runs things) run into a zombie Kenny in season 2?
I know that he was liked, generally, even if many didn't agree with him on all things. But he was a good guy, and even in our not-yet-completed game save where we side with Lilly on most things, Kenny still is begrudgingly kind to Lee.
I think it would be awesome, heartbreaking, and at least a bit shocking. (Maybe he takes down a new character early on?)

What would you guys think? Are you hoping for a zombie Kenny in S2?

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