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Can't access My Games and Setting, redirects to Forgot Password page

posted by o03o on - last edited - Viewed by 918 users

as it says in the title I can't access My Games and the Setting page. When trying to load I get redirected to the Forgot Password page as you can see in this screenshot:
(notice the URL)

System info:
[LIST][*]Win 7 64bit (all new updates)
[*]Microsoft Security Essentials
[*]Firefox 19.0.2
[LIST]Addons that might be relevant:
[*]Adblock Plus 2.2.3
[*]BetterPrivacy 1.68
[*]Ghostery 2.9.3
[*]HTTPS-Everywhere 3.1.4[/LIST][/LIST]

Disabling those addons did nothing and 1st party cookies get accepted.

I don't know what to do, I just want to play Sam & Max again. :(
Is anyone able to help?

Edit: The same happens when completing a purchase and coming back from PayPal. Judging from the URL it's supposed to be some kind of confirmation page, but again I just get greeted by the Forgot Password prompt.

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