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"Project Hivemind" - The Fan-Made Sam & Max Season 4!

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Project Hivemind was a collaborative effort between myself and several other wonderful members of the Sam & Max fandom, under the group name Team Hyperkinetic, during the summer of 2012 (around the time of the franchise’s 25th anniversary). The project was essentially us creating a concept for Season 4 of the TellTale Sam & Max games, and It wasn’t just a plot, either; we had gameplay mechanics, levels, puzzles, basically everything needed to create an actual game minus the fact we we were unfortunately not employed by TellTale.

While the project never technically saw completion, I would’ve gauged it around 70% finished, with the remaining 30% mostly being the remaining concept art and then organizing the project into a final Game Design Document. However, despite the fact we were never able to see it to completion, we’re still very proud of the ideas and hard work that went into it. Therefore, we’ve now decided to release the project files for all to see! Thanks for checking out Project Hivemind, we hope you enjoy it!

The released files:

Project Hivemind 1.4.rtf - The main project file, basically outlines the game from start to finish. It is version 1.4 because it was the fourth update.

Project Hivemind Sidenotes 1.4.rtf - Additional notes relating to the game which were better organized in a separate file from the main one.

Regarding the Beta Document.rtf - An explanation of “The Beta Document”, a story element from 402.

Mad March Vocal Sample.mp3 - A sample of what we imagined Mad March (the boss of 404) sounding like.

Concept art:

The Writer - by Tora Newton Y.

The Writer - by Maritza Campos

Mr. Sunshine - by Tora Newton Y.

Lord Valentine - by Tora Newton Y.

Catherine and mutations - by Tora Newton Y.

Lavinia Papierwaite, Resurrected Lavinia and Catherine - by Tora Newton Y.

Mad March idea sketches - by Tora Newton Y.

Max Imps; Normal, Cowboy, Broadway, Alien, and Sunshine - by Maritza Campos

Crippled Max from 403 - by Maritza Campos

Insane Max and Vampire Moleman from 402 - by Maritza Campos

Leah Paper - by Cheri H.

Marilyn from 403 - by Cheri H.

Leah and Marilyn as redheads - by Cheri H.

Kate Olivebranch, Normal sketch, Normal and Detective - by Lea Kane

Kate’s dialogue mechanic sketch - by Lea Kane

Las Vegas Casino location from 401 sketch - by Evan Stanley

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