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Who did you feed?

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I'm not sure if someone has posted this before but in episode 2 I gave food to Clem (of course who wouldn't), Duck because he is a child and needs to keep his strength up, Kenny because I have his back and he has mine and Ben believe it or not, because I felt sorry for him because his friend died and probably most of his group and he lost his camp. I didn't feed Larry because the man punched me in the last episode and left me for the walkers, I didn't feed Lily because I didn't like her at the time, I tried to give Carley food but she refused, I didn't feed Mark and I have no reason, I have no reason to not feed Katjaa and I didn't save food for myself because I didn't want to be greedy. So I was wondering who you fed and why and who you didn't feed and why.

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