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How does the player poll work?

posted by marioluigi344 BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 353 users

At the end of every episode, it says the polls, but how does it work? I remember a few months ago i saved doug over carley, and then it said 23% did the same, i did a fifth playthrough a few weeks ago and it's still 23%? How does it work? Does it base the results after what the game testers chose? Or is it by what the players choose? If i did it once then played through again and chose carley does it change? Very confused.

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  • i found it changes sometimes since that was in ep1 most people will have played it and thus moved on to other episodes.. of course it is possible some people have played it still but they have kept the percentage the same.

    i played ep 5 recently and that stat page was different compared to my last play of ep5.

    you/someone else could check it in another 5 months and let us know if it's still the same ;)

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