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A Different Kind of Jurassic Park Game?

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For anyone interested, there is a Jurassic Park based RPG on the internet called "Live the Legend". Basically, it is a story telling RPG, where you create your own dinosaur, or cenozoic creature, or even a human character if you want, and you decide everything about them and what they do. Want a Dilophosaurus with a vendetta against Velociraptors? You can do that. Want a Triceratops who is a bit of a clown with others? You can do that. You can even have a Dilophosaurus with novel colors (the leopard color skin and red crests) on the mainland if that is what you desire.

There is something to fit everyone's desires on Live The Legend: Mammoths, Terror Birds, giant bugs, dinosaurs of all kinds, pterosaurs, and a whole lot more. Also, for fans of JP:TG, we have Troodons, Tylosaurus (Mosasaurus), and even Herrerasaurus available to play as well. More over than that, the site is constantly growing and changing, evolving to be bigger and better for everyone. One planned project coming up even involves making a island where you can play as Chaos Effect toy line hybrids, as well as other kind of dino hybrids, like Dilophoraptors.

There are tons of contests, and many friendly people. So if you enjoy a good RPG, and like to tell a story, I personally would suggest visiting the website. It's free to join, and everything is available to use/play with.

Here is a link:

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