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Can't launch 400 Days

posted by danstu on - last edited - Viewed by 896 users

Playing on Steam, I've verified files, deleted and redownloaded, run as admin, run in compat mode

I'm able to go back and access all the other episodes perfectly fine. Whenever I go to launch 400 Days, I get a black screen and the game never launches. I left it up for fifteen minutes just to confirm, and the episode never loads. Checked in Task Manager and the process is still running, and has not froze up.

I've been a longtime fan of telltale, and I have to say the sheer number of technical errors over the course of Walking Dead is really making me re-consider if I want to pick up Wolf Among Us. This is getting very annoying. I had to resetart progress on TWD twice due to my saves disappearing, and even still the game will sometimes pop up saying I don't have a license and I'll have to close out and come back in before I can even try to launch an episode.

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