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If Lilly would kill Clem would you still forgive her ?

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I noticed that Lilly fans always forgive her for many things like :
1 Letting people die outside the pharmacy
2 Killing Carley/Doug
3 Stealing the RV
I don' want to start a flame war with Lilly fans i understand their reason for liking her but i don't like how they always forgive her , pity her and saying that she suffered more than Lee , Clementine and Kenny etc , and they always make both Kenny and Carley look like the bad guys .
With Kenny i understand that he did horrible things but in the end he atoned for his sins and Lilly fans criticize him for that too
With Carley Lilly fans hate her because Carley called her the B word , well she did that because Lilly was accusing her of being a traitor and she wasn't going to calm down .
So here's the scenario : Lilly and Clem are in season 2 and they meet , Lilly wants to kill her because she is a reminder of her crime and her father's death so when Clem turns her back she tries to shoot her but the new protagonist stops her .
If Lilly would do this would you fans and Lilly fans still forgive her and make Clementine look like the bad guy by saying " Well Clem reminds her too much of Carley/Doug and Larry so she has the right to kill her " or stop treating her like a victim and acknowledge her crime .

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