• To be honest, you have, mostly, the same views as me. So I'll save time by just listing the views that aren't the same as yours:

    Christa: I like how she's been hardened by the loss of Omid, and even though she is a bit short-tempered towards Clem, we can see she still cares about her, as she constantly tells the scavengers hassling her that she's alone, and we know full-well she isn't.

    Pete: Feels like a kind of father figure to the rest of the group, I chose to save him. I don't go back and change choices in these games, because in real life, you can't. I just live with my mistakes. It feels much more believable that way.

    Alvin: I took rags, so I never spoke to Alvin, but he seems very friendly and a gentle person.

    Carlos: A bit in denial that Sarah has to grow up at some point, but he means well. Looking forward to seeing him develop.

    Sarah: Very wary of her. I said we can be friends, but I said I can't promise.


    • For Pete, I made an exception. I usually play like you, counting my choices as irrevocable ones, but this time I saw the result of the opposite decision and regretted my choice too much. Yet my initial choice was apparently in the (small) majority.

      As for Sarah, I promised since I would try to save her anyway... so for me it isn't such a big deal. And Clementine really needs a friend, poor girl.


  • Yeah, Luke is a good guy. But, that won't stop Telltale from pulling a Carley on us again.

  • I totally agree with your opinion. I really hope Alvin won't die in the next episode, I wanna see him stand up to his wife, man up a little.

  • Great post sir/ma'am. Hmmmmm.

    • Clem: Well Clem is Clem, nuff said.

    • Pete: I liked him almost instantly, I hope he doesn't die but who knows. He is a bit like the groups 'Dale' it seems. Plus listening to him talking about Nick really revealed a lot about him, really hoping to see more.

    • Nick: Started off hating him, just because of his attitude and his itchy trigger finger. I changed my mind when he came in and apologized and told why he was cautious around someone with a potential bite.

    • Alvin: Didn't interact with him on my main playthrough, which I'm not gonna change. I will however go back and play on a different save slot and see what I think, he seems nice though, if a bit pragmatic.

    • Rebecca: I fucking hate this bitch (which is the point I think) who knows right now where it will lead but after playing Ep 1 I hope it ends with her baby strangling her with the umbilical cord.

    • Carlos: Really dude? Was it your first day on the job when the dead started walking? Fucking moron.

    • Sarah: Don't really know what Carlos thinks is "wrong" with her. Perhaps just her innocence. Regardless it could be interesting for Clem to teach her how to survive, perhaps after Carlos gets bitten by a dog, then a walker (So he can finally tell the difference)

    • Luke: Seems a bit like a replacement for Lee, which is something I don't want. Too early to tell.

    Oops, totally forgot

    • Christa: I dunno about it, after the time skip it seemed a lot like she blamed Clem, could just be me that thinks that, dunno what happened to her at this point but I don't have my hopes up for her returning.
  • I generally don't feel much for the characters so far and I don't like the badass Clem either.

    Nick seems to be some kind of crossbreed between Ben and Kenny, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him putting the group in danger sooner or later. And I don't know why, but for some reason I have the feeling that the game will end with Luke dying because of - or for - Clementine (maybe by saving her, similar to Lee).

    I could be totally wrong though.

  • My thoughts? Clem is the ultimate badass of badasses. She could beat all the other characters even with one arm torn to shreds by the dog (Ok well maybe not that much) but she is still a badass! lol

  • Oh damn, if you tap on the window Alvin gives you bandages and a juice box?! I like him a little more now. #TeamAlvin

  • stop making all the black characters mean and sassy

    • Clem: She's cool, obviously. why did I even type this? Everyone already knows.
    • Christa: She's cool too, and I hope she's alive. I think that finding her is something that we'll be trying to do for most of the season.
    • Pete: Good guy, saved Clem's life along with Luke. I went with him at the river. I think the dynamic between Pete and Nick is going to be interesting, and I can't wait to see how it plays out. I really hope he lived, because he's the only person in the group aside from Luke that I can actually say I like at this point.
    • Nick: I call him "Nick the Prick" for a reason, but I don't really hate him at the moment. He's just an asshole with a short temper. Like I said above, his relationship with Uncle Pete is what I'm most interested in our of the Cabin Survivors at the moment. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone in the group would give him a gun! With what almost happened to Clem, and the story Pete told us, it's a miracle he hasn't blown his own foot off yet!
    • Rebecca: I hate her. Enough has been said by others to make my reasons obvious.

    As for the others, I don't have very strong opinions on them in any way, so I didn't put them here.

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