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TWD: Stuttering/lag (Disc version)

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I bought all the episodes off psn but i wanted a disc version too share with friends. I tried playing through episode 1 off disc and encountered some rather off putting lag, and in some cases i would miss opportunities speak. I missed one speaking prompt and now clementine thinks i think shes dumb, which frankly broke my heart. In a game that hinges such prompts and quick input such lag can be a killer. I get some issues slip through the cracks but theres gotta be some solution to this right?

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  • how this game win game of the year if they dont fix or make a statement if they will still fix it or not. lack of support for this company, they selling us broken game. its been months and still no patch for the log/stattering issues of the retail version of walking dead for ps3. now they release a new dlc for the game, but they have no answers about the problem..

  • Same here. Gameshuttering. Mostly in Episode 1-3. I have a Ps3 Slim.

  • Really sucks how buggy this game is. There's not much we can do about it either. Boycott the "Game of the Year"?

  • Just saw a link about the Game Of the Year edition, which is already on a pre-sale on Amazon.

    Is this some kind of Joke? How Telltale can launch a Disc Version of Walking Dead for PS3 if this thing don't work? It's been more than six months that i bought this game and i can't play, it just doesn't work and telltale doesn't talk about it. It will be some update for those who where fool enough to buy the normal disc version?

  • I think I've found the problem. I've noticed that every time it auto-saves the game starts to stutter and hitch a lot more. Also, If you rewind to different chapters then it does it even worse. I have also witnessed the game messing up at the end of Episode 1 and the beginning of Episode 2. Sometimes when the screen that says "Loading..." comes up the character's start talking before they ever show up and the voice isn't matching when they talk after they show up. Sometimes when it gets to an action scene where you have to kill walkers it freezes for a while. I think most of the problem with stuttering and hitching everyone is having trouble with as myself is because of the auto-saving that happens constantly. I hope TTG can fix these problems as soon as possible. I would appreciate it.

  • So what's with the Lagging, stuttering, etc... This game is horrible... I completely reformatted my sons PS3 slim thinking this would help, but it is no better... Having subsequently read the comments in this forum and elsewhere online I am shocked that telltale games is still selling this title... I am frankly surprised that they haven't been subjected to a class action suit... For a game that doesn't appear to be that intense graphically, the performance is absolutely appalling. Moreover, it sad that so many people have gone to the extent that I have, trying to fix an unfixable problem.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. There may be multiple reasons that the game is being affected this way. Can you please clarify if the PS3 is a Super Slim with a top-mounting disc tray, or the PS3 Slim that has a front disc tray? Are you connected with a strong internet connection to make sure you are downloading any of the latest patches/updates? Also, if you can, please test the disc on another PS3 console. If it works fine on another console, it may be a hard drive or blu-ray player issue with the console itself. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

  • I bought the game for my boyfriend's sister. I've played it on the PC myself, but since she's not a PC gamer, I gave her the PS3 version. She's been having "freeze screen" issues, which is bothersome when there are choices or QTEs to go through.

    Game version: Walking Dead PS3 (without 400 Days) PS3: European, 320GB Slim Model (the one that "swallows" your discs) Internet: Kinda crappy (the router is upstairs), but usually never fails. We disconnect our PCs from the net when someone's playing. Patches: All done.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Minor hitching during and after loading and/or autosaves is normal, but any excessive freezing or lagging is unusual. Just to clarify, are you playing a US disc version on a European console? There shouldn't be an issue, but it may have something to do with a bad internet connection. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

  • It's a PAL version on an European console. The game was slightly better on later episodes (she's on episode 4 right now), but it still lags here and there, and not necessarily during loading/autosaves.

    As for the internet, she claims it hasn't been failing, but we'll try the game once we're in Lisbon and we can connect it via cable.

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