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Season 2 Episodes 3-5...

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Im posting my thoughts from episodes 3-5 because obviously we've played out the first and got a little peek at episode 2.

Episode 3 - In Harms Way

Does anyone agree that it looks like Clem and Rebecca are in some sort of cage or cell? Maybe locked up by someone? Carver? I don't know why but it gives me the impression that something happens where they are captured. The slide sounds like a gloomy place and you can see a shadow over Clem and Rebecca's faces that look like prison cell bars. I also think Clem will help deliver Rebecca's baby at some point in this episode. What do you think?

Episode 4 - Amid The Ruins

This slide intrigued me the most. I love the creepy, eery feeling to it. People on the forums are saying its blood or war paint on Clem's face? Its a tough one but i think this episode (as others have thought) that Clem will most likely find Tavia's camp or bump into some or all of the surviving characters of 400 Days?

Episode 5 - No Going Back

Again it's tough to call at this stage but i'd say a lot of time has passed and it's heading into winter. I see Clem being alone, possibly if she had been with survivors from previous episodes, they will all have died or have unknown fates. I see the final episode showing a deep struggle for Clem to brave out the harsh cold.

What are all of your thoughts? Any opinions of your own what you think is to come?

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