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My choices from episode 1 dont save.

posted by Windowman29 on - Viewed by 442 users

I have just bought the Walking Dead today and this type of game is all about the choices you make. So when it gets into the second episode (part) of the game what happens in each episode determines on what you chose to do in the previous episode. But in the second episode it doesn't go along with the story for what I had chosen in the first episode. For example in the first episode I let somebody live, however in episode 2 it says that I let her die. A lot more has been changed and my choices in episode 1 have not been taken into account. This results in dramatic changes for the next episode. And reduces the amount of fun I get out of the game. Please help me, because I just spent 30 dollars on this game, and I'm hoping that it was not a waste of money. Thanks for any help you can give me. :)

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