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BttF Ep4: Need Games Explorer description (Humble Bundle Install)

posted by sfried on - Viewed by 569 users

I happen to have the entire Back to the Future The Game episodes so I decided to install them all on my new computer.

However, after having done that, I noticed there were only 4 games appearing on my Start menu. I checked my Program Files to make sure they were in there, but then I noticed that only 4 out of the 5 episodes appeared on my Games Explorer folder.

Right now I'm actually trying to edit the registry so that I can add an Episode 4 icon seeminglessly into the list (by exporting, editing, and reimporting the reg keys on the GameUX entry). I think I've been pretty successful so far, except I can't seem to find the actual Game Description text for this Episode anywhere (thats the description popup that displays when you hover over the icon). It's the part that goes "In this episode,...".

I have Windows 8.1 btw.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    Back to the Future uses a wrapper that you log into once and then each time you launch any episode the wrapper should launch displaying all 5 episodes. You should be able to launch any of those episodes from this screen, requiring only one shortcut on your desktop or in your Games folder. However, I have hovered over Ep 4 in my Games folder and this is the text that is displayed (please note, it appears to be cut-off, but this is what is saved in properties and disaplyed when hovering).

    Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions

    The landmark Back to the Future series continues with a completely new Marty and Doc adventure across 5 monthly episodes. Working with Bob Gale, the co-creator and co-writer from the original films, the games pic

    • I have the Humble Bundle versions of all 5 episodes (from the Humble Telltale Bundle ), so they come with no wrappers and no DRM, and thus no one shortcut like the regular download Telltale versions. From what I know, the DVD versions are also DRM free.

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