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problems with walking dead season 2 pre-order

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What does preorder exactly mean. I preordered the walking dead 2.. And nothin' happened nor did I get a receipt... But I called my card and 22.49 has been charged by telltale

  • If u want actual support I think u should change your title to a more appealing title . For example, 'Problems with pre order'' . Because the title TWD S2 doesn't really tell the telltale staff or moderators the exact problem. So they may not bother checking this discussion

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    If you are logged into your Telltale account, you can access your games by pressing the downward facing arrow button on the top right of your screen, after clicking the arrow, select the My Games option. Once on the my games screen, you can view all of the games you purchased or preordered. If you've purchased The Walking Dead Season 2, it will show up on the My Games screen. Once you click on it you will be brought to the download page that at this time will say coming soon under each episode. We will notify you via e-mail as soon as the game is released and ready to download.

  • I know what to do... What I'm saying is I didn't receive the download but 22.49 was taking off my card.. I've been calling and emailing and I'm not getting nothing.. I need to talk to somebody.. The last purchase it show is walking dead season 1 on October 24th.

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