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The Walking Dead Season 2 - Login Error

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Login Error Can't communicate with Telltale Servers

I've even tried allowing the software too be able to go out of the firewall. Even tried restart the computer. I am upset how I am unable to login and play this game on time. I feel sorry for myself and others to per-ordered on the website.

Just have to wait for a bit longer I suppose. While like 70% of players on steam have already got their access too their game.

I am very upset :( very heart breaking.

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  • I purchased the PC version of the game this evening in the UK from the TTG website, installed it, went to play it and when I "click to begin" I got no sign in box, just the "Login Error - Can't communicate with Telltale servers" error message. I tried everything mentioned in this forum, deleted the Registry Key, now when I click to begin, the sign in box appears, but I sign in using my username/email address and password (which contains just letters and numbers) and click OK but still get the Login Error. Please help!

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      My apologies. Unfortunately the login error you are experiencing is due to a high amount of log in requests happening at the same time. I recommend trying again a few times, and you should be able to connect successfully. Again, my sincerest apologies for any difficulties this has caused you.

      • Im having problems with the steam version of the game it appears that all the games walking dead 1 400days and walking dead 2 as well as the wolf amoung us have the same problem...

        Kind of anoying that it doesn't work because you can't log on and says buy the game instead of the server is busy please try later.

  • I hate to be rude but FYI...

    I tried everything recommended on this thread. I disabled every program on my computer that had anything to do with security, and then some. I'm still getting the login error. I have given up. I have not played one episode from this Season. From what I gather, there is also no way for me to get a refund. I purchased the whole season 2 bundle from I'm tucking this up as a loss. Never again, though.

    • Well I have that same problem... Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't try starting it a second time after quiting. Delete the sync files in your docments folder. Reinstall the game... Didn't work... Changed steam to beta sort of worked sort of didn't.

      Put steam on offline mode seems to work.

  • i have the same problem (Login Error) and the cmd didn't work ok it works had to do delete it manually cmd didn't work

  • I'm getting the Can't Communicate with the Telltale Servers error again. Isn't this server-side? Can altering anything on my P.C. really make a difference?

    Reading back through the thread it seems it might be a due to a high volume of players trying to log in?

  • If all this is, is just a server overloading, it is unacceptable. This is not some tiny little company anymore, you have gotten huge fame and money through your multiple series. You should have servers worth a shit.

  • Differerent episode, same shit from telltale. We are going to end up playing the day after all the steam users as per normal.

    I've learnt my lesson. NEVER buy direct from telltale. They could not release a piss-up program on a brewery computer.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the high amount of server traffic after Episode 5's release, you may be experiencing this issue. I recommend restarting the game, and resetting your internet access, and you should eventually be able to successfully connect and play the game/download the episode.

    • I have restarted the game about 15 times. Reconnected my internet 3 times...and still nothing.

    • Thanks god it's not my P.C. :0P

      Okay, I guess I'm going to go and play some Parasite Eve 2 for a while.

      "Can't Communicate with the Telltale Servers" is Telltale's "Don't forget to salt the fries".

    • Thanks god it's not my P.C. :0P

      Okay, I guess I'm going to go and play some Parasite Eve 2 for a while.

      "Can't Communicate with the Telltale Servers" is Telltale's "Don't forget to salt the fries".

      Edit: I just got bold red error massages trying to submit this last comment. Telltale's servers really are going belly up I guess. Must be a good episode.

    • so every ep release you are posting this pre config response TellTaleMike. Pretty lame and you can put your answer where the sun dont shine, and as everyone you will see my money after the steam cut or you don't see my money at all (thx bay). Buy server

  • Thanks for the reply mike, but its really not good enough. This happens nearly every single release, its not like its a surprise. You are punishing your loyalist customers.

    Invest some of the barrels of walking dead cash in some decent servers for goodness sake!

  • Well I am glad you replied to the issue Mike, but this has happened with all of Telltales's games recently. You have addressed the issue each time, you give a hollow apology, and tell US to FIX IT OURSELVES. No. YOU people need to correct the issue with your servers, you are not a small indie studio anymore..

  • It's funny because there is always a problem for the release. You gave me a The Walking dead season 1 key because we wait like 10hours for nothing because the "server" was busy. Same thing for the wolf amoung us. I think you should sell Steam CD Key and let everyone play this game on steam :P

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