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Can we just get a Steam code for season 2?

posted by mister_stiglitz on - Viewed by 16.8K users

Seriously, it'll save everyone time, you guys wont have to figure out what's wrong, and we can just get to playing.

  • This Fu** Game still doesnt work!

    Shitstorm for Customer Service and DRM policy....This cant be true...

    We pay and dont download illegal but punished for pre order..... Do me a favour and never pre order again from telltale.

    I Write to the support and all i get was the same fucking answer " delete the launcher folder".

  • this is just a nightmare on my Mac, how do i connect my season and 400 days on a mac? can we just get a steam key please? if i must do i have to contact support? can I get a refund so i can buy it from steam instead?

  • Still not fixed. I live in Perth, Australia. Help, seriously

  • We really should get steam key. For some reason downloading game takes me forever. With steam it would be lot more easier because i can continue my download later. I cant even download game because it takes me over 5 days and i dont understnad why it does that DX my internet isnt even slow.

  • Download keeps crapping out after very little progress. Every single time. On Firefox, at least. IE's download also doesn't finish, but it does it in a different way.

    Same end result - me not being able to play the game I paid for. At least I know to get them on Steam going forward.

  • wow I am a steam user as well (1,200 games plus 800dlcs) and I am sad that I am not getting a steam key . . . but it is not the company's fault and they don't own us a steam key

  • This is a complete rip off... they hide the fact that it wont be a steam game in the fine print, which i didnt even see when i pre ordered it on Gamefly.. NEVER again, a complete waste of money, i loved the series, horrible experience, i just lost my money. or i could just REBUY season one and 400 days again.. thanks for nothing Telltale.

  • I agree with the consensus here. It should have been clear that buying the game this way was not going to provide a Steam key. Steam is the standard these days and for those with larger collections, who the heck wants to not have all their games in one place? I can guarantee I will not buy any new telltale games if this is the new standard. Who wants to use Origin, let alone another one-off download mechanism from Telltale. Please do the right thing and provide Steam keys!

    • I skipped Dead Space 3 because of Origin. Uplay is awful. And from the sound of it via this support forum, people can't even download Season 2 from Telltale servers, and if they can, they can't authenticate w/ the DRM.

      I'm continually refreshing this forum in hopes that Telltale will change their tact. I wish there was some way to be more persuasive, but I just don't know what else to do.

  • How does Telltale not realize that they aren't making people use their platform? They are making us use Steam from now on!

  • I'm as pissed as the rest of you about not being able to access my game, however I want to point out that providing a Steam Key has NEVER been Telltale's norm. It just started with The Wolf Among Us (and I was shocked to receive it). I've bought every telltale season as it's happened and this has never been the practice. Their norm had always been to provide a free DVD at the end of the season. Then again, their norm has never been to have their games unplayable on launch day. . .

    • I believe most of the people who are upset purchased Walking Dead from other outlets (like Green Man Gaming and Gamefly), where the norm has historically been to receive Steam keys.

      This is the boat I'm in. I pre-ordered Season 2 from GMG without reading the fine print about getting a TTG key and not a Steam key. I didn't realize this until Monday night when the key was emailed to me. At that point GMG stated that they would not refund me, and TTG stated that they would not trade my TTG key for a Steam key (despite it not costing them anything to get a Steam key).

      At this point, I have not activated my TTG key and thus have not played the game. This is somewhat upsetting since I really want to play the game, but want to play it on Steam where...

      1) there won't be any download problems 2) there won't be any authentication problems 3) there won't be any save game import problems (no need to move files or modify registry keys) 4) i can make use of cloud saves 5) my achievement progress will be tracked same as Season 1 6) i'll be able to take screenshots and upload them to the steam community hub 7) i'll have a chance at trading cards, should they decide to create them 8) I trust Valve to let me download the game again well into the future, should I want to play it again 9) i'll basically be advertising The Walking Dead to my ~50 Steam friends while I'm playing it, and it'll be all over my activity feed

      There are probably some other things I'm forgetting as well.

      • Yes, buying from an outlet that used to provide keys that suddenly did not would bother me as well. Then again, I would ask why you wouldn't just buy it directly from Steam if you wanted to be sure it was on Steam? I believe the game was the same price in all outlets. I prefer Steam too but have always bought directly from Telltale in order to support the company and get the free DVD's. That said, as the company becomes larger and less service oriented, I want to support them less and less. If only they didn't make exactly the kinds of games I enjoy.

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