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How to do a refund

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I followed the workaround on how to restore purchased in iphone... But it turned out the bundle in the offline work around is totally different from the one i purchased.. There was no other bundle in that workaround procedure so i assume episode 2-5 is the same bundle as episode 2-5 (+400 days).

I went to itunes and report it as a problem but it tells me that purchase is not eligible for refund.. :(

Please help.. Help... help....

In addition, I was able to transfer my purchases episodes bundle to my new iphone and im happy with it... All you need is buy again the item you purchased and it will detect you have already purchased it and gives you an option to download it again for free. The work around posted must be updated to avoid the prob i have right now. Well maybe i was just being stupid and frustrated so i never put much attention to it ☺️ Moral lesson, never assume... Anyway, more power to tell tale!! I love your games and expect my next purchase after i finish season 1...

Anyway, im looking forward to resolve my refund issue as soon as possible, thanks!!!

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