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[PC] Cant continue where i left off, save issues

posted by potstickers on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users

I haven't played through episode 2 fully yet. I quit the game to take a break and when try to continue, it doesn't know where I left off.

From main menu: I click Play - enumerates all chapters, starts at episode 1 which I have completed already. I scroll to episode 2, and it only has the option to start a new game from here and asks which season 1 save I want to use.

From main menu: I click My Choices - I am able to see all my choices from episode 1 and the 1st choice from episode 2 (I guess that's how far I played through)

From main menu: I click My Saves - only 1 save called 'save file b' with pictures of scenes from season 1, I guess this is the transferred save form season 1. I don't see a button to navigate back to the main menu from here and am forced to quit the program and restart.

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