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Episode 2 won't download on my pc.

posted by Deswy on - Viewed by 483 users

The screen says "downloading" but it doesn't download. I'm running Windows XP.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Please make sure you are connected to a strong internet connection when attempting to download the game. If you are certain your internet connection is strong, please try restarting both your computer, as well as your internet access point, and try the download again. Please also make sure that you do not have anything else open and connected to the internet on your computer that may be slowing the download progress down.

    Finally, please make sure that you do not have any anti-virus or internet firewall programs running that may be blocking the download from completing successfully. If you do, I recommend disabling them while the download takes place to ensure they are not the reason you are unable to download the episode.

  • Thanks. The internet connection here is....65.0Mbps....not the fastest. Another question: if I stop the download during the download process, and restart it later...will it resume at the point I stopped?

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