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Initialization Crash

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After playing the game without any problems during my first session, I find I'm no longer able to play due to a crash long before gameplay.

When starting the game, I've just reached the Gametap splash screen when the screen pauses for a few seconds. Then a loud 'tap' is heard, leading to a continuous loop of ambient city sounds. The computer locks up here before the Telltale Games logo is even displayed!

The only settings change I made was upping the resolution to 1024X768 (my default desktop rez). If that was the problem, the crash makes it impossible to undo. I fear that deleting the files and starting over may be my only recourse now, but it's too risky without further advice.

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  • This sounds like a GameTap problem. Please contact them through their support link or by calling customer service at 1-866-722-5295.

    (Yesterday I said they would be monitoring this forum - it turns out that's not the case.)

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    I'm here, I'm here!

    Can you do me a favor and

    1) reproduce the issue
    2) close gametap
    3) run GTUtil located in your (installed gametap directory)\bin\release\ folder
    4) go to the Advanced tab
    5) click Scan System
    6) when that finishes, click Send Logs to Gametap
    7) reply here with the submission code (looks like "Romeo-326") so we can track the issue and keep you updated in this post

    When we receive the logs we can take a look at what happened!

  • Was this issue ever resolved?

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