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Can't Delete Episodes (Android)

posted by transfo47 on - Viewed by 2.7K users

Hello, I finshed S1 on my Nexus 4 (waiting eagerly for S2) and I wanted to delete the episodes to make space on my phone. When I go into episodes, I tap "delete" and click the minus option for each episode, and it shows me the option to redownload. However, when I exit out of the episode menu and go back into it, all episodes that I previously thought were deleted are installed.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Can you please clarify if after restarting your device, that the Season One application is still taking up as much space on the device before you deleted the episodes?

    • Yep. And all the eps show "Installed".

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        Please try going to the Settings on your device, then open the Apps menu, and then go to WD S1 (The Walking Dead: Season One). Inside the App Info page you will see the space the application is taking up. The Base Application should be just over 1 GB in size (The App Category). The Data Category is where the extra downloaded episodes are stored. If you have successfully deleted the episodes, the Data should be around 60-70mb in size. If all of your episodes were installed, the Data would be closer to 1.4 GB.

        If you see a small number like 60-70mb, then your episodes were successfully deleted, and you should be able to force close the app, and restart it, and your episodes menu will no longer say 'installed' next to the episodes. If you are still seeing 1 GB for the App, and 1.x GB for the Data, then you will need to delete the episodes again. Please make sure when doing so, that you are waiting for the application to fully update/delete the episode before tapping on another episode to delete. This may take anywhere from 10-25 seconds.

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