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Problems with Season Pass

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I just installed season pass for season 2 and I joined the walking dead season 2 to play all the episodes that are available so I can download them and I had to purchase them!I play on the PS3 Console.

What can I do??? :(
  • I bought the season pass for Walking Dead season one on android.I’ve downloaded episode 2 three times now,but after playing it for a short while, the game closes and when I try to continue playing after opening the game again,I see, get in the same episode I’ve already downloaded. What kind of bug is this,how do I sort it out,or should I just delete the game since I’ve finished episode 1.

  • What is it for the Season pas? I have the game in physical format, Am I worth buying the Season pas?

  • I am playing on Cubetalk 9x, Android v.4.4.2,Octacore 1.7ghz

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      I apologize for any difficulties you have experienced. Unfortunately it appears that your Android device's GPU does not meet the minimum system requirements to successfully run the game. Where we require a minimum of a Mali-T600 series GPU or equivalent, your current device uses a Mali-450 series GPU. I recommend either playing on a device that is above the minimum system requirements, or contacting Google Play Support for any inquiries regarding refunds, or refund requests.

  • I'm having some issues trying to install The Walking Dead season 2 episodes on the Xbox 360. For some reason episodes one and two appear fine, but 3-5 aren't there.

    When I go to install them, it tells me that there is new downloadable content available and that clicking accept will take me back to the main menu. The main menu is also showing up with no video or picture content. Just a black screen with menu. Not sure what to do, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If you are seeing a blank main menu with no background, this may be due to an incomplete or corrupted download file of the game. I recommend deleting and re-downloading the first Episode from the Xbox Marketplace. If you are experiencing issues downloading Episodes 3-5 from in-game, you can also find them by opening the Xbox Marketplace either on your console, or through the Xbox Marketplace Website, and you should be able to see the episodes as available to download, then you can select the 'Download' button, and they will begin to remotely download to your console.

  • Hi I have the same problem, I have been trying almost every day to get episode 3 but it always says coming soon, at first I could download the game but when I tried to play it all went black and the computer froze. So I've tried 4 or 5 times to delete the game but it doesn't work, now even episode 2 says coming soon and I can't download it again. It's so hard to find episode 3 on playstation store, this is just driving me up the wall, please help me and me son can't wait any longer...... ;) Hope for help soon Extreme fan of telltalegames and a girl with no life...... Lol

    • I forgot to tell about the computer, it's ps3 about 2 years old with loads of memory ;)

      • Ups again if it matters I'm from Iceland ;)

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          You can download and install Episodes 2 and 3 in different ways. Below are the 3 suggested ways you can download the Episode:

          1) Download the episode from the in-game Episodes Menu.

          2) Download the Episode from the Playstation Store by searching for 'The Walking Dead' then going to the Add-Ons list in the Store Page, and Episodes 2 and 3 should show up on that list.

          3) Go to the Playstation Store Website, do a search for 'The Walking Dead' and download the episode remotely from a computer, to your PS3.

          Please try downloading the episode using the above methods, and see if you are able to successfully download, install, and play it.

          • Hi

            I've done all of those things, and I can download the episodes but when that's done and I go in the game it won't work, when I go in the episodes it still says episode 2 and 3 are coming soon, I've deleted the game at least 4 times and that doesn't work either, so what else can I do?

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              TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

              Can you please clarify if you have started the game while connected to the internet to make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest update available for the game? If you have, I would also recommend to try deleting the game one more time, and also make sure to delete any files associated with the game in the Game Data Utility menu from your PS3's Games tab on the PS3's main menu, as well as the save game data from the Save Data Utility menu from the same location on your PS3's Games menu. Then re-download the game, and start it while connected to the internet to ensure you receive the latest update available for the game, then start the game again, and see if you are able to download and install the later episodes, and play successfully.

  • I'm having trouble playing season 2 episode 3 of the walking dead. After episode 1 I purchased the season pass and installed episode 2 and 3 at the same time. Now even though it says episode 3 is installed, it does not seem available for me to play. I am playing the iPad version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Can you please clarify what you mean by 'available for you to play'? Have you tried selecting the episode from the Chapter Select screen after tapping 'Play' on the main menu? Were you unable to transition to the episode after completing Episode 2? If you go to the Episodes menu, does it still say 'Installed' or does it say 'Get/Buy/Coming Soon'?

      • Thanks for the response. I am unable to move onto episode 3 and when I tap 'play' it just takes me back to the episode 2 Chapter Select page. I scroll all along but can't go any further than the final scene of episode 2. After the closing credits of episode 2 it does not transition onward. On the episodes menu it says "installed" under episode 3. The multi pack picture to the left of the menu says 'owned'.

        I was thinking of uninstalling episode 3 and reinstalling, but thought I better ask the experts first.

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          If you are unable to move onto the third episode, after rewinding to the final chapter/checkpoint, you can also try deleting the episode from your app and re-downloading it. You should be able to do it from the Help & Options menu, inside the Manage Downloads menu.

  • Hi there, I'm new to this forum so apologies if this particular question has already been answered, however my brother is having the same issue with the Season pass for Season 2 of the Walking Dead (he's using my Kindle to play it while at University) We purchased the Season pass through Amazon, so I'm not sure if we should be getting in touch with them or not?

    Basically what happened was he managed to install episodes 2 and 3 before needing to remove older apps in order to make some space, when he went back to install the remaining two episodes it was asking for payment of £3.01 for each remaining episode. We've tried restarting the Kindle just in case that was the issue. I'm not sure if its something we did wrong or that glitched when we had to remove old apps, but any help would be great.

    As for the info on the console, he's playing on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9

    Thanks for your time and feel free to ask for any more details :D

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Please first make sure that he is signed into the same Amazon account that was used to purchase the game app with. Then try force closing the game app, and restarting it while connected to a WiFi network connection, and it should update to reflect your purchases properly.

      If you are still unable to see Episodes 4 and 5 as purchased, you can also try going to your Purchase History in the Amazon App Store, and try deleting and re-downloading the game app from the store. (Please note that this will not delete your save files in the process.

  • please i downloaded game of thrones for android season 1 i played episode it all and purchased the remaining episode...but it's telling me coming soon...what can i do

  • can anybody help me out on how to go about that

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Can you please clarify which Android device you are currently using to play the game on? Also, which Android OS is it currently updated to? After we receive this information, we will be able to assist you further.

  • i bought the ps vita season 2 pass for walking dead yesterday and i was able to download ep2-5 but if i go to ep1 or the season pass, i can't dl nor buy them again (c screenshots)...posted already about on the ps vita support board, but i'm really dissapointed by this and i wanna know how to fix this...can't finde any download for unlock key or demo either...i have a german psn if that is from any importance Alt textAlt text

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