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Android - Walking Dead S2 - Unable to find season 1 save file

posted by tourjefferson on - last edited - Viewed by 14.2K users

Hi there,

I've purchase the whole season 1 at Google Play store and finished all the episodes including the 400 days.Then I removed the app from my phone.

Today I downloaded season 2 from Play store and, the app couldn't find my save file from season 1, is it something that can be fixed?

I assume that even after I uninstalled the app, it would keep the savings so that I would be able to carry on my game when I had the 2nd season?

Is there a way to check if the folder is still in my phone and that I can load it?


  • I still have season 1 on my nexus 7 and its not finding my season 1 save. I really don't want to play with random choices made for me from season 1. Not sure why it's not finding the save

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please try updating The Walking Dead: Season Two to the latest version, and you should then be able to successfully import your Season One save files into Season Two.

  • Hi TelltaleMike,

    I'm not sure if you aswer was for me or not but, I've checked and I'm running the latest app version :(

    Is it not possible to use Google cloud (thru Google Games app) to save the game?


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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      My apologies, in order to import your saves, you will need both Season One with full save games, and Season Two, both updated to the latest version, on your device in order to successfully import the saves over to Season Two. Can you please clarify if you ever uninstalled The Walking Dead: Season One from your device? Unfortunately if you did, the game saves were stored internally inside the game application, and would be lost if the application was ever uninstalled.

      • Why do you write these things to people?!!! Even I know that saves are NOT inside the game on android! You just need a root explorer and you'll get saves: root/data/data/com.telltalegames.walkingdead100/files/default

  • Hi TelltaleMike,

    thanks for your response.

    Yes, I uninstalled Season One, so I guess I lost my saves. TBH I wasn't expecting you guys to release Season Two on Android this quick, after waiting 2 years for Season One and, not knowing anything about the Two, it would be pretty hard to keep an app with that size installed.

    Thanks anyway, help much appreciated.

  • I have the exact same problem as Wilco81. I still have season 1 in my Nexus 7, and I've played everything from the first episode to 400 days, but when I try to start playing Season 2, it says it's not able to find any season 1 save. Both are updated to the latest version, and I even removed season 2 and installed it again after finishing everything in season 1. Please help. This really sucks...

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Can you please clarify if you have Season One saved internally, or to an external SD Card? Also, are you running any third-party programs or ROMs in the background, while attempting to import your Season One saves?

      • I have it saved internally, and I'm not running any third-party programs or ROMs in the background.

      • Hi. I may be at the wrong topic for some reason but could you atleast tell me where the game saves in WD S1 for Amdroid are located?

        Cuz at this time, I was on the office scene when I pressed the home button to put my phone to sleep for a reason. I removed the background process as well. Then, moments later, I turn my phone on and run the game, I often get an error "Unfortunately, WD S1 has stopped" then...I reinstalled it and lost everything. Now I have to start all over again because of this error. Just in case. I need that save data location so I would backup it before I reinstall the app. BTW, that error never bothered me though. But what really bothers me is LOSING MY SAVE DATA. And pls. fix. Tnx!

        Cheers! A hammer for you!

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
          The game saves for the Android version of The Walking Dead: Season One save internally within the game application, and unfortunately cannot be backed up outside of the game. I recommend making sure you do not exit or close the game while an autosave or loading sequence happens, otherwise your save files may be corrupted. Again, my apologies for any difficulties this may cause you.
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    Whodunnit BANNED

    I just wrapped up Season 1 (well done), and attempted to start Season 2 but my save file will not transfer. The file does exist, I checked with a file browser. No 3rd party apps were actively "running" in the background. I am running the current android build on a Nexus 5. Both Season 1 and 2 are updated to the current version, and are still installed on my phone. I have tried restarting the phone, with no change.

    Please advise.

    I am quite comfortable filing a bug report, if desired.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      My apologies, can you please clarify if your save file is a completed save of Season One all on one save slot? Also, have you made sure to start Season Two, tap 'Play' on the main menu, and select a save slot to import your saves to?

  • Thread: Android-Unable to find save files from ss1

    I just downloaded WD ss2 after finished all episodes in ss1.

    When I tried to play ss2, it couldn't find save files from ss1.

    I didn't delete ss1 from my phone.

    What should I do to fix the problem?

    (I play this game on Sony Xperia)

  • More information I downloaded this game to mobile memory, not sd card.

  • Hello, I have the same problem. I have all episodes of season 1 competed including 400 days. I have season two installed on my device. I don't use an SD card, so both apps are in internal memory. Season two can not find save file from first season. I did not delete first season ever. I did not close it accidentally I found a directory with files of first season on device. Anything from this topic didn't help. So. I would like to have a complete refund for season two least. It's awful you can't make it work properly! What do I have to do?

  • Hello,im sorry for my bad english. i have the same problem on my samsung S5. unable to found saving files. what can i do??? please help me. i dont want to uninstall the game. thx and greetz from germany

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