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None of my games are working :-(((((

posted by ALIENANGIE on - Viewed by 1.5K users

So today I tried to get the series finale of TWAU and the blooming thing wouldnt open. Just froze on a black screen. So after trying all day to get it to work, I uninstalled it, and installed again. Now it gets as far as "connecting" but freezes up. I also have season 1 & 2 of TWD, so out of curiosity I tried to load those. They freeze up too, either on, or before the title screen...please help! Im a little PO'd.... Angie

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Over the weekend we experienced a higher than average amount of server connections. We have now resolved the issue, and you should now be able to successfully log in and connect with our servers. Please try logging in again a few more times, and you should now be able to connect.

    • so i thought the same thing but i'm still not getting into the wolf among us.... i get to the connecting screen and it thinks for a while then the connecting icon goes away like its going to the next page and then freezes. i assumed connection issues because everyone probably wants that finale to wolf among us but if it's supposed to be fixed its not for me. i tried 3 times. i'm on windows 8

    • Its working now, thanks :-)

  • sorry it is working it's just incredible slow and looks like it's frozen. if anyone else has the problem i was having above just be very patient. all the music stops and the screen background stops moving on my like its frozen.... then it goes to a black screen after a minute.... then another minute later i see the loading wheel.... then in about 30 seconds i get the main menu. so i'm assuming it's just slow due to high volume on the server end? anyways thanks everything does appear to be good if not slow. and great job on the wolf among us so far. i really love it... more so then the walking dead. i can wait to play those at my leisure but when an episode of WAU comes out i have to play it ASAP.

  • and one more comment for the road. if you get to the download screen and see it staying at zero percent for a long period of time it's just the screen refresh rate that's also going slow. i went from 0 percent downloaded to 16 percent downloaded after about 3 minutes of sitting at zero percent so don't panic again if you're thinking its not downloading. also super excited for tales from beyond the borderlands and game of thrones. forgot all about those. so super excited.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Thank you for posting the extra information. I will make sure to pass it along to the team. It is most likely caused due to the high volume on our servers right now. I hope that you enjoy the game!

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