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Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Crash on Startup

posted by WhiteRangerX on - Viewed by 1K users

So I go through the whole game with ZERO PROBLEMS...on pc and about 30 minutes ago I just completed Episode 4..But now every single time I want to continue and click on Episode 5 the game crashes and says "TheWolfAmongUs.exe has stopped working." I saw episode 5 for about 10 seconds with graphical glitches with some characters looking completely blacked out then it crashed again..I don't think this problem can be my PC at all as I just ran through the whole game practically on the highest settings with ZERO I can't even complete the game... come on ...

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. You may have received an incomplete, or corrupted download file. I recommend you delete the episode, and re-download it. To do this, please open the following file directory:

    C:\Users\%Username%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Wolf Among Us\SyncFs\

    In there, you will find the Data, Meta, and Temp folders. Open the Data folder, and delete the Fables105 folder. Then inside the Meta folder, delete the Fables105.json file. Then restart the game, and re-download the episode. (Please also make sure that you have disabled any anti-virus or internet firewall programs open and running that may interfere with the download completing successfully. Then restart the game, and restart the Episode, and the issue should be resolved.

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