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More titles for iOS and Android

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The only TellTale games that are available for Android/iOS are the big name front runner ones. I think TellTale should bring: Sam and Max Monkey Island Back To The Future Law And Order: Legacies And Poker Night 2 to Android/iOS. It would no doubt make TellTale more money but also could expand your fan base

  • I know, but in English the official version of the same thing, hence the problem in the android version of the game. Probably the reason in exotic video accelerator

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If you are experiencing blank choice issues in the English version, please try force closing the game application, and turn off your device. Then turn the device back on, and restart the game application, and restart the episode, and your choices should then show up properly.

      If you are still seeing blank choices, can you please clarify if you are running any third-party Roms or programs in the background on your device? Any programs running in the background may be using up the device's memory, and causing the game to run out of memory to use, therefore creating the blank choice issue you are experiencing.

  • Thanks for the tips, but they have not helped. Processes in the background of practically absent. Here are screenshots of the official version of the device's marketplace. Alt textAlt textAlt textAlt text I would be very grateful if you help to solve the problem. It's there for all owners tablets Huawei media pad 10 link\FHD..the Game is excellent, and my PC is now under repair, in General I hope you will help me to solve this little problem.

  • Of course, the CPU-HiSilicon K3V2, GPU - immersion 16. Tablet Huawei media pad 10 link. Perhaps formally these CPU and GPU is not supported, but the game works on them just fine, except for this bug.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately I do not believe the Immersion 16 is a supported GPU at this time. I would have to recommend either playing the game on another Android device, or requesting a refund from the App Store that you purchased it from.

  • I understand, but the game works, and it is excellent. All you need is a small fix. If the game is currently not supported immersion 16, but this game works perfectly, don't need to correct this defect, and not to make immersion 16 in the list of supported devices? If you look at the reviews on my plate, that a huge number of people can't play the game because of this annoying problem. By the way, gameloft has corrected similar defect in 3 days after a complaint.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Thank you for the extra information, I will make sure to pass it along to the team! Unfortunately at this time, there are no plans announced to update the game. I apologize for any difficulties this may cause you.

  • It's like a polite refusal anyway. I hope you still will correct this deficiency.

    At least in the second season Walking dead correct this deficiency, well, wolf among us when it comes out in google play. Please.

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      dbrady Telltale Staff

      I have a question for you. There was a very similar bug a while back on Vivante GPUs. The problem turned out to be a broken shader binary extension on that GPU type. The problem was resolved by disabling the shader cache on that class of GPUs. In order to help with our load times (and general smoothness), we cache off binary shaders once they are compiled, and then load those from disk the next time they are needed, instead of recompiling them again.

      Since you have a fan translation installed, presumably you have a rooted device. If you wouldn't mind, I am curious what would happen if you deleted the contents of /data/data/com.telltalegames.walkingdead100/files/ShaderCache, and setting the permissions of the directory to be read-only (to prevent the game from writing to it).

  • If you wouldn't mind, I am curious what would happen if you deleted the contents of /data/data/com.telltalegames.walkingdead100/files/ShaderCache, and setting the permissions of the directory to be read-only (to prevent the game from writing to it).

    In the directory, any files not found. And setting read-only access to anything have not resulted. But thank you, went extremely good advice.

  • Hello. I have a similar problem as Romka21. My Device - Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD. I read the proposal to clear a folder dbrady ShaderCache, but she was empty. And there must be something?

  • Hi, is there anybody here?


    Oh, that makes two of us. although judging by the estimates in Google play, we are more than 20, 000. Что-то нас игнорить стали. И это печально. Такая гениальная студия не может профиксить крошечный баг.

  • Have checked all my friends, all in the directory data/data/com.telltalegames.walkingdead100/files/ShaderCache empty. Maybe you put the files that should be there? By the way, Yes GPU in Huawei media pad 10 link really Vivante GC4000, CPU HiSilicon K3V2. Please release some kind of a fix, especially because it's not only my problem

  • Yes, I too 1.09. the other kind is not in google play

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