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WDS1 Android Save Data Located? (Repost from a topic)

posted by scoutpred on - Viewed by 2.8K users
Hi. Could you atleast tell me where the game saves in WD S1 for ANdroid are located?

Cuz at this time, I was on the office scene when I pressed the home button to put my phone to sleep for a reason. I removed the background process as well. Then, moments later, I turn my phone on and run the game, I often get an error "Unfortunately, WD S1 has stopped" then...I reinstalled it and lost everything. Now I have to start all over again because of this error. Just in case. I need that save data location so I would backup it before I reinstall the app. BTW, that error never bothered me though. But what really bothers me is LOSING MY SAVE DATA. And pls. fix. Tnx!

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  • Bump. Please help??????? Where are they located???
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    The game saves for the Android version of The Walking Dead: Season One save internally within the game application, and unfortunately cannot be backed up outside of the game. I recommend making sure you do not exit or close the game while an autosave or loading sequence happens, otherwise your save files may be corrupted. Again, my apologies for any difficulties this may cause you.
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