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Hey just playing the Cow Race Demo and I noticed if you look at something and click multiple times Fone will creepily echo, in fact it seems all it does is make the cursor disappear, you can still walk around too. Heh, try clicking to pick up the wood multiple times as fast as you can then try moving Fone while the cursos still missing, creepy how he can float along the ground like that. So eh what's up with that?

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  • Sounds like a bug.

    Does it happen other times too, or just when you look at the wood? Is it only on that screen or does it also occur in other screens?

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    Seems to happen everywhere, same thing can be done with Out From Boneville too.

  • When you say "click multiple times," how fast are you clicking? And is it only with a certain cursor (i.e. the look cursor) or does it happen with any cursor?

    I've never had this problem, in either game.

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    Just clicking rapidly while looking at something.

  • He's Krazy, but not "crazy". I've had this problem, too, at least with Cow Race. If I rapidly click with the eyes icon, sometimes the character (it was Phoney in the tavern and clicking on the swinging doors in this case) will start saying more than one line simultaneously. Sometimes the same line, sometimes the alternative line. It's not really an echo.

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    I first noticed this when I accidentally double clicked on the cupboard in the corner of the bar. It seems to happen throughout the entire game. In addition, the speed at which you double click doesn't matter.

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    I stumbled across this problem myself today. My contribution to this thread's probably pointless, but in case Telltale never managed to replicate the problem, it only occurs with subtitles turned off.

  • [quote]it only occurs with subtitles turned off.[/quote]

    A-ha -- probably why I've never noticed it. :)

    Our engineers are aware of the problem. Thanks guys.

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