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Missing a "D3DX9_41.dll" or similar file? Read me!

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Some of you may be getting a message like the one below while launching a Telltale game:


If so, then you need to run the DirectX Updater again:

DirectX Web Updater
- Computer must be on the Internet when running this update.


DirectX Off-line Updater
- Computer does not need to be on the Internet to run this update, but it's a 93+mb file.

They both do the same thing. The first one requires the Internet to download files at install time, the other one has all the files you need up front.

Details to what's happening:

Telltale games require more recent DirectX updates than what's originally included in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. To combat this, I include the DirectX Web updater with the game's install program. Microsoft doesn't include DirectX as apart of Windows Update, I have to resort to using the web installer at install time.

However, this requires the computer to be on the Internet at installation time. Otherwise it's an extra 100MB per episode. So if the Internet isn't there, then DirectX isn't updated. I wish there was an easier way about this!

For reference, the season DVDs do and will continue to have the off-line version of the DirectX updater on the DVD.

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  • FYI I just downloaded the file direct and stuck it right in my download folder and now it works fine.

  • I solved a similiar problem with Tales of Monkey Island by updating Windows XP to Service Pack 2 version.

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to include the D3DX_41.dll in the installer in the first place? As far as I know these updates are both self-contained and freely redistributable, so why ask users to download and install a 100 MB copy of DirectX if all they need is a 4 MB (probably about 2MB compressed) DLL?

  • Generally speaking, if someone doesn't have that one file, it's almost always a good idea to update the rest of your DirectX. Probably a good half of the problems people have are related to an out of date or corrupted DX installation. And the web installer only updates files that are out of date, so the actual amount of data downloaded is probably closer to 10mb than it is to 100

  • sorry but i my laptop still have problem after all these actions,I've download manually the missing .dll but still i don't know where to copy it!I have windows Vista premium and geforce 9600 gt and 3gb memory.i am a little dissapointed about that problems,we talk about an adventure not for the latest FPS-CPU killer to have so serious issues!

  • ..........but with a few tweaks now it's all ok and i am happy about that cause i love Telltales,yeahhhhhhhhh

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    Do not manually find and copy over individual DLLs. Please use the DirectX installers as outlined in the first post.

    The DirectX installer not only obtains and places the DLLs in the right place, but cleaned up any problems with DirectX. In addition, other games/software use different version to run their games. Using the installer will make every available version work.

  • One thing worth mentioning: I did have the same problem on Windows7 RC1/64. However, the error message got buried under a generic error message ("needs to close"). So if that happens to you on Windows7, it could still be a DirectX error and you should still consider reinstalling DirectX.

  • Hi there!

    Just downloaded them and went to the extraction of files. When I tried opening the app, it went through! :)

    I hope this would help!


    Good luck! :P

  • An internal system error occurred. For whatever reason, I rebooted my PC and tried again, and it installed properly this time.

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