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It won't load

posted by faith_elizabeth on - last edited - Viewed by 297 users

The problem started when I was playing the very end of the walking dead season 2 episode 1. Then my cousin accidentally unplugged my computer (I have an iMac). So I plugged it back in and tried to play it again. I pressed play and when I did, i just stayed on the background of the water and the water was moving and the sound was going, but i wouldn't get off of that screen. I tried to re-dowload it and it didn't work, i tried deleting it and re-install it. But it wouldn't work, so I just gave up.

Then episode 2 came out and I tried downloading it, and it did download. So I tried playing it and it said "Updating Content", so I thought it would work now, but it didn't. I left my computer on all night for it to update the content. When I woke up it still said the same thing. Ive tried everything, PLEASE HELP ME!!

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