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WDS1 Android Save Data Located? (Repost from a topic)

posted by scoutpred on - Viewed by 2.3K users
Hi. Could you atleast tell me where the game saves in WD S1 for ANdroid are located?

Cuz at this time, I was on the office scene when I pressed the home button to put my phone to sleep for a reason. I removed the background process as well. Then, moments later, I turn my phone on and run the game, I often get an error "Unfortunately, WD S1 has stopped" then...I reinstalled it and lost everything. Now I have to start all over again because of this error. Just in case. I need that save data location so I would backup it before I reinstall the app. BTW, that error never bothered me though. But what really bothers me is LOSING MY SAVE DATA. And pls. fix. Tnx!

Cheers! A hammer for you to bash the brains!
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