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[WD] Lost save-files

posted by nasso on - last edited - Viewed by 33.6K users

My savefiles are just... lost.

I played through the entire episode earlier today. I continued from a savefile from yesterday. Worked like a charm.

When i sat down just now to play through the game again, a second time, to make other decisions i wanted to start from a new save file but i found out that my old was gone.

This was all done from the same computer. I haven't installed the game on any other machine.

I'm really bummed out because the decisions i made in the first save file are the ones i want to continue episode 2 with. And what happens if this happens again? What if i loose my save file when i have completed episode 4??!?!?!?

Has this happened to anyone else and how do i fix this?

Edit: when i started the walking dead game i was also starting up diablo 3. I got some errors about direct 3d from walking dead game and when i restarted the game it started in windowed mode 1024x768 so my settings where reset. this was just before i found out that the save files where missing.

Edit: im unable to reproduce this now. but i think i started diablo 3 first. is it possible that this is some racecondition that caused the walking dead game to fail to sync to steam cloud and reset its settings and save files? the windowed thing is weird though, i dont remember that being standard...

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