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Season 1 save still become a random season 2 save file

posted by Hampeeng on - Viewed by 14.6K users

I'm playing on PS3 just so you know.

When i went to import my save file from season 1 of the walking dead to season 2 it worked at last but then when I had imported my save file and played it it was completely different from my season 1 save. In the intro when it's "previously on the walking dead" it wasn't what was on my save file. Lee was killing the farmers from episode 2 from season 1 and was very rude to Clem even though in my save from season 1 I did the complete opposite.

Then i tried again and this time it's was still different but with other differences.

I don't know what's happening, any help?

  • Thought I would add that I'm having the same issue. Full details below (with season 1 choice spoilers)

    I play on Xbox 360 - I've completed Season 1 and 400 Days without replaying or skipping credits

    I purchased the Walking Dead Season 2 Season Pass

    When the season pass didn't automatically download episode 1, I decided to download the episode 1 demo

    After realising the season pass didn't entitle me to Episode 1 (this is on 360 only apparently), I downloaded the full version of episode 1

    I went to launch episode 1, but noticed that on the dashboard it was still showing up as a demo and not the full paid episode

    Afraid of running into save issues (exactly like this one), I deleted episode 1 and downloaded again. (haven't actually run the game yet)

    Episode 1 downloads again, and this time shows up as the full paid game. I now run it for the first time.

    Start a new game, scan for existing savegame, select it (there's only one, it shows season 1 and 400 days as complete)

    'Previously on walking dead' - shows me sparing a guy with a pitchfork when actually I killed him, shows a different encounter with the antagonist of episode 5 than I recall, shows the version of the end of episode 5 where Clem just walks away (in mine she fired a gun at the end), and doesn't show anything about 400 days

    I hope this information is useful... please keep us updated, I guess I'll hold off on playing until it's patched. Not the first time I've had to do that with this series : /

    • Ugh, apologies for the wall of text. I had written out all of the repro steps on separate lines, but it seems to have condensed itself into a big splat. EDIT: Reformatted original post, hopefully should be legible now.

  • Hello. I have Just purchased season 1 on Steam before reading about all the save issues. I have just signed up to the forum to voice my issues. I played through the 1st episode and my stats were all correct apart from being "honest to herschel." The stats showed I was honest to him, but I lied to him so that one stat is wrong.

    I have just been reading about these save issues from an 18 month old forum. Has it not been fixed in all this time? If I am going to invest my money (I was about to buy season 2) I need to know if this issue is going to be 100% fixed by the developers. Can anyone confirm? If it will be fixed I will wait it out, If not I will contact steam for a refund.

    Edit. I turned off Steam cloud saves for this game. I have just completed episode 2 and so far my stats are correct.

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  • Yep, this is definitely still an active problem. Choices made in S1 are not being carried over into S2, even when the save files are (supposedly) loaded correctly! Am trying to be patient, but would love an update on this Telltale...

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  • I also have this issue on PC. It shows a picture with Lee's arm cut off, when I kept it. Also, I tried reloading a few times, and every time there was something different going on in the previously on Walking Dead part. Like it's randomly picking choices for me even though I choose a save file from season 1. Here is my support data.

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