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Still Unable To Get Into The Game

posted by deaddragon on - Viewed by 2.2K users

I am still getting login errors, unable to connect to the server. Why do you even build this game where you have to login? What happened to games that you just install from your disk and bam you begin playing. Electronic Arts, Telltale, Blizzard (Diablo 3), have you not learned your lessons yet when you build these games and you want it to be online, you plan for a lot of people to connect. Seriously you need to fire your QA group and the group that does your capacity planning, because they all suck. A multimillion dollar operation and you mean to tell me you can't hire people who knows their networking stuff. Get it together Telltale, if I was the CEO I would be very pissed that this game should of went thru a more QA instead of rushed out the door. The Creators or Watch Dog is about the ONLY company that saw a need to push their date back and do more testing to get the bugs out and bring out a good product. This is pure unacceptable. More testing should of been done than to rush out a broken product. I know I only spent $22.00 But I need a working product that I paid for. So when can we expect these setbacks to be corrected so we can all enjoy this game?

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