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The Walking Dead: Season Two on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Ireland, Russia, NZ

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We can confirm that The Walking Dead: Season Two will be coming to Russia and New Zealand on PlayStation 3 and to Ireland, Russia, and New Zealand on Xbox 360. A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they'll have Season Two early in the new year. We appreciate the patience of those who've been waiting to play the season premiere on their preferred platform.

  • It's early in the new year Telltale...

  • day 7 of new year, food supply running low, still no sign of any updates / release dates, help.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    We're still working to get Season Two rated and released in these regions. As with all our content, we're unable to announce concrete release dates until we have them confirmed. I'll post here as soon as we have dates for you guys!

  • I forgot that secret scene at the end of season one where Lee says to Clem..."Oh and sweetpea...always stay away from Paddies and Kiwis...cough...they're dangerous vile beasts...if you do encounter a paddy, distract 'em with Jack Daniels and ruuuuun! you hear me!? just run!!"

    Anyway...we continue to wait. :-)

  • I'm gonna go asleep, when i wake up there better be an update

  • I wonder if the reason they're not giving us all the details on the problem is because it's something embarrassing? Wouldn't that be fun?!

  • Haha @tooducks you're probably right, they are probably embarrassed to admit they buggered up or something.

    Ah well as much as I want it I am rather patient (especially since I played it on my laptop lol)

  • it will be a month late in a few days... hurry up telltale !!!!!!!! : ' (

  • A quick search on the OFLC website shows that it was classified in New Zealand as R16 on the 13/12/2013. So what's the deal and what's the truth??? SOURCE:

    • All I see on there is Season 1

      • Its a bit long winded to get in through that website, but it is there if you go through the "search for a classification" link. Due to the way the search is built I can't directly link to it. However here it is on another site: Completely rated and everything. The OFLC(first website) even says it was rated on 13/12/2013 which was a fair while ago.

        • Thanks for the alternate link. It was a bitch to find on the OFLC website.

        • Ah right well that's crap why on earth are they saying it's a rating issue? sigh

        • This is ridiculous! Stop lying Telltale! What's the real reason for the delay?

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            Jennifer Moderator

            Microsoft and Sony are the one who sets the release dates for XBLA and PSN on their consoles, as they only set aside a set amount of releases per week and only release on certain days. It seems the rating was late in these regions, and unfortunately Microsoft didn't set aside time for it to release last year. It would be great if the big console manufacturers would catch up with the times and let the digital publishers set their own release dates, but unfortunately they're still stuck in the traditional console mindset. It's an archaic system, but in order to release on those platforms digital publishers have to jump through those hoops. Once Telltale has the release date from their distribution partners, only then will they be able to release.

            • I was talking to microsoft and they told me they're waiting on Telltale

            • Thank you for the update. If this is the case why did you guys not just tell us this earlier, this should be among the first posts. The relative silence has been just as frustrating as the absent episode. It's your product, stuff can happen thats out of your control, but you can almost never go wrong with more communication with your fanbase...

            • Ireland uses PEGI, Russia have no rating agency that you need to submit your games to, you just assign a rating to your game and release it, so all this RATING WAS LATE stuff is bullshit.

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                Jennifer Moderator

                Russia has required government classification of video games through a federal law called "On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development" since September 2012.

                It's also possible that they ran into ratings problems in Ireland with the Irish Film Classification Office, as they do rate video games under certain circumstances, such as when Manhunt 2 was banned by the IFCO.

                • Ohhh man... I'm aware of that, I live in Russia for christs sake. It requires you to assign a rating to your game. THAT'S ALL! I friggin repeat it for 100 time, YOU ON YOUR OWN HAVE TO ASSIGN AN AGE RATING TO YOUR GAME, THERE ARE NO AGENCIES IN RUSSIA THAT YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR GAMES TO BE RATED. All other companies except Telltale and some small japanese companies knows this! This game is out in Russia on steam, so there were no problems with it's age rating.

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                    Jennifer Moderator

                    There is an organization in Russia that handles this law (a law wouldn't work without administration). All ratings have to be approved by the Ministry of Culture. That's likely where the hold-up was.

                    As I said before, the big name consoles require the games to be placed on the digital marketplace directly by the console manufacturers, because they are the ones who set the release dates, since they are still set in the archaic traditional console mindset. PC, Mac, and Linux distribution outlets don't have this problem, since they allow the digital publishers to set their own release dates.

                    • Why no other company have problems with this except Telltale then? It's already their THIRD release that is delayed in Russia. And why this problems only concern XBLA and PS Store but no Steam huh?

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                        Jennifer Moderator

                        No other company other than Telltale releases their games completely episodically. Because of this, Telltale has had trouble with Microsoft ever since they became a publisher on their platforms (Microsoft delayed the release of Telltale's first game that was released on XBLA, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, by several months). It was only after they started winning game of the year awards with The Walking Dead that they started taking Telltale's distribution model more seriously and allowed the sale of season passes (which were already available on PC, Mac, iOS, and even PSN). Unfortunately, it seems the international branches of Microsoft are still causing troubles. As I said, Microsoft and Sony are still stuck in the traditional console mindset, and Telltale's model is so radically different from that mindset, the console manufacturers have been having serious trouble adapting.

                        There has never been delays with Telltale's games in Russia in Steam because Steam allows digital publishers to upload their games directly and, most importantly, set their own release dates. Only once the console manufacturers adapt to the times and allow this on their own systems will Telltale be able to release games with a such a quick turnover after receiving a rating. Until then, unfortunately, they (and the gamers) will have to wait until the console manufacturers set the dates.

                        • OMG. Decide already who is to blame Russian Ministry of Culture or Sony and MS -_-

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                            Jennifer Moderator

                            The game development and release cycle works like this:

                            The developer develops the game. Once they have a feature complete build, they submit it to rating agencies. Then, they submit it to the console manufacturers (through, for example, Microsoft's Partner NET), and then the console manufacturers set the release date (since they are the ones who handle digital releases on their systems, releasing only a set amount of games a week, and only releasing games on certain days).

                            Now, if they have to release it in other regions, they have to submit it to other rating agencies. Some times there are difficulties with the ratings (as different cultures deem things inappropriate that some others might not). The developer then works with the agencies on the rating (usually by arguing the case for the content). After that process is over, the rating then comes in, but if it comes in near the release schedule (as is the case here), that means that the game didn't get a chance to go through the lengthy approval process with the console manufacturers (since all the big console manufacturers require a rating before the content can even be considered). So, now it has to go through the lengthy approval process, then after all that, the console manufacturers finally set the release date in that region.

                            This isn't the case with PC, Mac, and Linux online distribution methods, such as Steam, since they allow the digital publishers to set their own release dates. That means that if a rating comes in for a certain region close to the release date, the digital publisher can just upload the content to the distribution server, and set the release date to coincide with the other regions (since the middle man (the archaic console approval and dating system) is cut out completely).

                            The fact that the game is out in your region in Steam (meaning that any required rating and localization for your region has already been done) and the fact that it is out on consoles in other regions (meaning that the required work to port the game to these systems has already been done), is a clear indication that the delay is on the console manufacturer's side, and not the developer's.

                            • Yeah but as we know there were no rating difficulties with that game in Russia(because it's out on Steam, if there were rating issues it would have been unavailable in Russia), and we know for a fact that it was classified in New Zealand as R16 on the 13/12/2013... So stop blaming Sony or MS for TTG's incompetence. They know how console approval and dating system works, so they have to adapt to that not the other way around. Other game companies have no problems with that system.

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                                Jennifer Moderator

                                Telltale's PR person @puzzlebox stated that the rating was late in these regions (she said they had "a late-breaking issue with ratings submission"), and as I pointed out, a late rating can throw a wrench in the works as far as the console approval process goes. There is no conspiracy here. Please stop spreading false information.

                                • Are you even reading my posts? What conspiracies? What are you talking about? You are the one spreading false blame on everyone. I'm just pointing out TTG's incompetence, that's all.

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                                    Jennifer Moderator

                                    You keep posting that Telltale had no rating difficulties in your region when it has been pointed out to you by an official member of the Telltale staff that they did (and I pointed out to you how the situation can still be ongoing even after a rating has been set). The Telltale staff are working to resolve the issues they're having with all of the organizations they have to deal with.

                                    Please be patient until that happens, and please stop posting false information like you have been, as there are no conspiracies within Telltale to spread false information about rating problems, and continually posting that Telltale are lying about the delay doesn't help alleviate the situation in any way.

                                    • Are you trying to provoke me on purpose to ban me? Please READ my posts before answering! Answer me this, if TTG had rating problems in Russia, NZ and Ireland, why is the game available on Steam there?Huh? They are working with Sony and MS for long time now and still can't adapt to console game approval system? That's incompetence, plain and simple.

                    • So when 400 days DLC was delayed in Russia in PS store I contacted Sony, they said that they are waiting on TTG, so I mailed TTG and was ignored until the DLC was out in Russia -_- So yeah this is TOTALLY Sony's fault.

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                        Jennifer Moderator

                        If big console manufacturers allowed the digital publishers to upload their games directly, rather than go through an archaic console approval process, and would let the publishers set their own release dates, they wouldn't have to wait for developer response, and the process would go much more smoothly. The console manufacturers do seem to be taking Steam seriously though, so hopefully some time in the future, they'll adopt a more modern digital mindset that is more friendly to developers and digital publishers, and problems like this finally can be avoided.

                    • Why are you trying to defend Telltale so hard? You are blaming everyone except TTG -_- If they have nothing to hide why are they ignoring us?

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                        Jennifer Moderator

                        They didn't ignore you. They told you they had late issues with ratings, and that the game would be released in early 2014 once all of the issues are resolved.

                        The game is still not available in your region, so all of the issues they've been having have not been cleared up yet. Please continue to be patient, as there's not much Telltale can do until the issues with all of the organizations that they have to deal with are resolved. Once they have been, the game will be available to purchase in your country.

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