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TWD:Game won't start

posted by Ballin_Stalin on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users

I purchased the Walking Dead earlier today and I have been having issues starting the game. Whenever I launch it, the game starts to load but closes within a few seconds and "TheWalkingDead101.exe has stopped working" appears. I purchased the game through Steam, if that matters. I also ran the TWD support tool, the results are here:

  • I have this game on my PC, I just downloaded episode 5 and now my games won't work. I have DirectX 11 on my PC but it doesn't seem to be the problem. Not to mention when I could still somewhat get on my game the Updating Content took forever and still never finished updating. Please help! I don't know what to do!

  • Hi there, I am having the same problem where I can't get past first screen into the main menu and then the game crashes back to the desktop. Just bought it yesterday and had already played nearly 2 hours with no issue until this started happening. Any help would be appreciated, I've already reinstalled the game and rebooted my computer.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      After looking over your Support Tool information, it seems that your computer is running below the minimum system requirements to run the game successfully. Where we require a minimum of 512mb of dedicated memory, your computer is currently running at 0mb of dedicated memory. Your computer uses an integrated Intel graphics card, which we do not recommend using for our game, as they tend to run under minimum specs. I recommend either trying to update your current graphics card's drivers to the latest version, and see if you are able to play, or try playing the game on a computer above minimum system requirements if you have the ability to.

      • I don't understand how that information is accurate. This computer is less than 6 months old and my graphics card is an Nvidia GT 755m with 4 GB of total graphics memory, and I have 8 GB of RAM if that even matters... I also updated my graphics card drivers this past week so I don't see why that would be the problem. Also I was playing the game with settings on high after downloading off of Steam and everything was running smoothly until last night when the crashing began. I just ran the tool one more time in case there was some type of error before:

        Thanks for the quick response, I'd really like to get back to playing this awesome game.

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          My apologies. Unfortunately only a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 graphics card is showing up in your support tool information. If you have a better on-board graphics card, you may need to enable it while playing our game. You can find out how to enable your better graphics card by following the steps in This Article.

          • Well I attempted to follow the directions in the article, and tried both setting the preferred graphics processor on high performance for just the game application and later again for the global settings, and neither worked even after a reboot. Still crashing as soon as I click to get into the menu screen. With the global settings on high performance, here's one more run through of the tool, I hope it sheds some light on my issue:

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              TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

              My apologies. Unfortunately your Nvidia GT 755m does not seem to be showing up at all on your computer's dxdiag. I recommend looking over This Webpage for more information regarding your particular issue.

              • I'm really at a loss. I've tried everything, even going into the BIOS setup and changing the only option for the graphics display to be "UMA Only" rather than "Discrete", which seems to be the same thing as changing the global settings in the Nvidia control panel. Still crashes on the main menu. It's true that dxdiag isn't showing the GT 755m for some reason, but what I don't understand is how I can play other fairly new games on high settings that certainly aren't any more demanding than the Walking Dead Season 2. Battlefield 3, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2 to name a few, all with no issues. It also doesn't make any sense that I was able to play the game originally for 2 hours and then it just stopped working, and I hadn't made any changes to my system. I guess if all else fails I'd like to try and get a refund but I doubt I'll be able to get that and really I'd just rather play the game. Thanks for trying to help but I'm afraid I'm out of options.

  • Hey, I'm having the same problem as these guys, I select the walking dead in my steam library, the tab opens. The BOOM!!! 'thewalkingdead101.exe has stopped working'. Please help I've been trying the fix this for ages.

  • Hey none of these solutions seemed to do any good in fixing my problem, anything else I might try?

  • Hey On TWD when I put in my telltale account it just shows the screen with walking dead on it and does not open the game. I got the game from a pendrive.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Please make sure that you have disabled any anti-virus and internet firewall programs open and running that may be blocking the game from successfully communicating with our servers. Then start the game again, and see if you are able to successfully start.

  • I have an anti virus program is it a problem?

  • I ordered Game Of Thrones off Telltale, downloaded, and when i launch the game it asks me to log in with my telltale account but it won't allow me to log in, even though my log in information is correct.


  • fixed it

  • fixed it

  • mhb

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