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The Walking Dead: Season Two on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Ireland, Russia, NZ

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We can confirm that The Walking Dead: Season Two will be coming to Russia and New Zealand on PlayStation 3 and to Ireland, Russia, and New Zealand on Xbox 360. A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they'll have Season Two early in the new year. We appreciate the patience of those who've been waiting to play the season premiere on their preferred platform.

  • I been checking this link every couple days so i decided to make an account. Im sick of this being left in the dark over this its one month later and still no release date and how can it be a ratings issue for Ireland when its out for ps3. So is all this microsofts fault our what and no heads up aswell very nice. I really liked twd season one and enjoyed the wolf among us aswell but if we dont hear something soon ill make myself lose interest and be done with telltale games for good out of principal no matter how good whatever else comes out i wont buy or play it. WE NEED A RELEASE DATE TELLTALE PLEASE there are many unhappy fans of your games waiting for this worldwide release of season 2 like you promised us a month ago please dont turn into the new EA now because you have kiss my ass money. rant over!!!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I'm not a member of the Telltale team, just a volunteer moderator, so my post isn't an official response, but it's clear Telltale is still working with all of the necessary organizations in order to resolve this issue.

    The proof that work has been done on this matter is in the fact that the Microsoft marketplace now has pages for The Walking Dead Season Two in New Zealand, Ireland, and Russia. The fact that the store pages have been made is a good indication that any issues have been resolved in these regions, and the game should be coming soon. :)

    Now we just have to wait for Microsoft to set the release dates. Hopefully it won't be too long.

    • Thanks for the update at least you care enough to update us even thought you dont work for telltale but THEY should be telling us this instead of leaving us in the dark. For me the damage is done already the lack of respect shown to the people in the countrys effected by this is shamefull no heads up before hand and no offical updates for ages regardless whos at fault Telltale should be updating us about this not microsoft or you no offence intended. Besides knowing my luck i prob wont have the money to buy it when it does release when i went out of my way to make sure i had enough on my account to buy the season pass and ep 1 when they were meant to release last month but have spent since which is my fault but i would of held out if we where given updates rather than silence another inconvinence caused by telltale. Maybe ill just wait for it to be free on xbla like the first ep of season 1 and the wolf among us or ill just play it on a friends xbox and not buy it at all. What ever way you look at it telltale hav let us Irish down big weather it ms fault or not YOU should be updating the fans of YOUR games instead of ignoring them because your making your money elsewhere.The first ep of season 2 better be good or ill be done with the series and telltale!!!

    • I wouldn't exactly say that's proof...

    • But could this mean we're getting season 2 in a matter of days? 1 week tops I would hope :)

    • But could this mean we're getting season 2 in a matter of days? 1 week tops I would hope :)

    • I would just like to point out that although that's great Microsoft marketplace have the pages, the PS3 has no sign at all of Season 2. Well it does have a page here but since it says releases 18th December I think it's a bit behind, on the actual PS3 store on the console there is nothing.

  • I see my comment got deleted NICE!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    @Angry_Irish wrote:
    I see my comment got deleted NICE!

    Don't worry, no one deleted your comment. As you can see in your profile, it's still there.

    Unfortunately, there's a severe bug in the forum code that came with the latest update that hides some nested posts that are posted as direct replies to comments.

    I'm really sorry that this happens (the forum ate some of my posts as well >_<), as this is an unacceptable bug, and the moderator team hates it as much as everyone else. :/ The Telltale web team is aware of this issue, and hopefully it should be fixed soon. But until then, it's best not to do direct replies to comments, but instead to use the add comment button at the bottom of threads.

  • To s2forIreland yeah mate its a joke but with it having a page on the Irish xbox marketplace its at least hopefully a sign its coming soon but its still prob gonna be two months later for us some worldwide release it seems telltale have terrible public relations no heads up that there was a "ratings issue" ha for the xbox version in ireland and hardly any updates on whats happening tbh i really dont want to give these people anymore of my money after this a delay is fine but keep us in the loop at least not just silence i bet if something like this happened in america there would be daily/weekly updates because it would be all over ign etc giving them bad press but because we are small little Ireland who cares they already made there money in the bigger markets we are chump change they dont need are sales and it shows. To jennifer thanks at least you try to give us info/updates unlike the people whos job it is to do and who know the info it just shows that much more that the telltale staff just see us as an annoyance sence they have told us f##k all sence this thread or whatever was put up i wouldnt be surprised if it just pops up one day on the marketplace no announcment or anything.

  • @Jennifer, about what you were saying before. You're right, I see on the marketplace that TWD season 2 is there :)

    I've commented this twice but that bug keeps taking it away: Do you reckon we could be getting season 2 within days or roughly one week tops?

  • I honestly think I've lost interest, hey as long as episode 2 of "The Wolf Among Us" comes out here fine and on time (February) I'm grand. As for TWD season 2, the thought of playing it puts me off now, most likely because of how this went down. In a week or two I'll be happy with Fable:Anniversary anyway.

  • ye guys they have now blocked #saveclementine facebook page from mentioning/tagging them now. just goes to show how they care about their fans seriously i don't know why they even gave us the walking dead game season 1 in the 1st place?

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